The first word that came out of my mouth was "more". 

I was a chubster throughout my childhood who couldn't turn down food or comprehend the feeling of a full stomach. Needless to say, I had a connection with eating very early on, that naturally turned into a deep love and appreciation for cooking. 

My earliest memories with food take place in my grandmother's kitchen where I learned firsthand how to make my own pizza dough and roll the perfect meatball. My unparalleled culinary education began in that kitchen, one-on-one, from an uncertified, under-recognized, home chef. 

It was somewhere between my growth spurt and my voice dropping that I came to care more about my health and how I presented myself. My body could simply no longer keep up with my  old eating habits, and I knew that a lifestyle choice had to be made. I was finally able to find the right balance - where I didn't feel like I was sacrificing what I loved, while at the same time making decisions that made my mind and body feel good.

Cue Salu.

Salud. Salute. Cheers. Three words that all hold the same meaning and origin, and transcend cultures around the world. Salu is a word that gives celebration to good health and wellness.

This website is dedicated to delivering simple, healthful dishes. My recipes are inspired by the Mediterranean diet - with an influence on vegetables. My slogan ‘Eat for Tomorrow’ encompasses the idea that the decisions we make today regarding our food, directly impact ourselves and our planet tomorrow. Many of my recipes focus on vegetables, while I also incorporate proteins that are less impactful to our environment - such as turkey, chicken, and fish. After all, we should all hope that what we put into our bodies makes for a better tomorrow.

So let's make a toast to the very best life that we can live.

Lets raise one up for That Salu Life!



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Los Angeles, California