In 2016, Earth set a temperature record for the third straight year in a row.

It is an indisputable fact that our world is warming at an alarming rate, causing catastrophic famines, mass migrations and drastic geographical changes to our coastlines worldwide. The evidence to Earth’s greatest issue lays right in front of our eyes and yet our ignorance endures. We will one day be laid to rest with a smoking gun in hand, as we bestow upon our children and subsequent generations, an uncertain and precarious planet if we do not act now. 

To even think that we have gone beyond a point where we as individuals can have an influence on climate change is disgraceful. Although your personal impact may not directly prevent sea levels from rising or temperatures from increasing, your efforts will drive awareness, understanding and keep those in power aware of OUR concerns.

While our government continue to argue over the matter due to economic greed, the question becomes, what can we do as civilians?

One of the easiest things that we can do starts right in the kitchen. It does not need to be a drastic dietary shift to plant-based foods or a complete elimination of meat altogether. Rather, it is the conscious choice that you have the next time that you are at the market, a restaurant, family party or wherever the locale, to opt for a healthier alternative, not only for you – but for OUR planet. 


And so, I challenge you to #HOLDTHEBEEF.


Livestock cover 45% of the land on our planet and consume about 1/3 of our fresh water supplies. Furthermore, livestock produce methane and emit this gas into Earth’s atmosphere. Although methane is less prevalent in our atmosphere than CO2, it traps more than 20x the heat, thus causing a warming effect. Methane levels in the atmosphere are rising faster than at any point in the past two decades and this is due to human demand and consumption of cattle. Furthermore, the amount of land and water required for livestock and agriculture stand immensely higher than that of chicken, turkey or even pork. Perhaps what is most disturbing is that our planet’s few, diverse and treasured biospheres are shamefully being destroyed for you guessed it - grazing cattle. That's right, the Amazon is being destroyed as you read this because of our desire to consume beef.

This is not a protest of the beef industry. This is simply an individual pledge to make a more conscious decision. We have reached the precarious 11th hour, where it is now each and every one of our civic duties to do all that we can for our future generations and the existence of our planet. So if there is one thing that you wish to do to help combat climate change, why not #HOLDTHEBEEF.

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