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5 Reasons to Eat Salmon (While You Still Can)

I am at odds with myself for posting this piece due to my passion and advocacy for the environment. There is no question that our oceans are severely overfished. Countless studies have suggested that if current world consumption levels stay on track, marine life in our oceans will be nonexistent by the year 2050. Impractical fishing methods where fishermen drag weighted nets along our sea beds, scooping up whatever swims in its path is a leading factor to these astounding predictions.


As you may have guessed, a second contributing factor to our dying oceans is climate change. When greenhouse gases are released into our planet's atmosphere, some are absorbed by our plants and oceans - but our fragile planet can not keep up. Thus not only does our weather system get all wacky, but our oceans become more acidic. With the oceans becoming more acidic, precious oxygen is taken away making it more difficult for fish to breathe properly. This lack of oxygen is also why our once beautiful coral reefs around the world are all losing their colors and dying at astonishing rates.


It are facts such as these that make me so sad to think of the planet that we will be leaving for our younger generations. Scientists AROUND THE WORLD have provided us with this information and yet the spray-tanned ignorant bozo currently running our country claims that climate change is not a man-made problem. It is information such as this that we all have available to us, that lead me to start the Hold the Beef Campaign. By raising awareness, movements begin. So buy a shirt and spread the word! 


All this being said, I go back to why I am able to see the hypocrisy in writing a post about why you should eat salmon.


The truth of the matter is that since starting Hold the Beef, I have received some surprising pushback. I thought that once I shared this information, people would look at it is as a no brainer: cattle are the leading cause of climate change and if I just make the decision to eat a little less beef, I will be doing something beneficial for our planet. But, as I depicted via the promotional video for the campaign, we as humans are innately selfish. We want what we want when we want it. We have always been this way. Remember Adam & Eve? I realize that throwing out some facts won't change your lifestyle overnight. I myself am weaning out the meat that I still eat (chicken and turkey) and trying to focus on a veggie-based diet. 

I share this information with you in hopes that it simply gets you thinking. I hope that when you have the option the next time you are out to eat or at the market that you remember something about this post and a trigger goes off in your mind and you recognize that what you choose to put in your mouth, will almost always have an effect on your future :) 



And with that, here are 5 reasons why salmon is good for you:

  1. Salmon is great for your memory, your eyes and can help lower heart disease.
  2. Salmon is an excellent source of vitamin B12 and vitamin D. One serving = a day's worth of vitamin D.
  3. Salmon is rich in omega 3's which help decrease the riskier certain types of cancer
  4. Salmon is an anti-inflammatory food and a great way to keep your bones strong
  5. The antioxidants of salmon help to prevent aging and give your skin that JLO glow


And for a great way to give your salmon a spicy kick, come back tomorrow for the recipe to my Honey Sriracha Lime Baked Salmon.